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  Page Updated: February 27, 2021
3310 Jefferson Highway, Lousiana 70121 | Phone:(504)-833-3366/ 833-4118 | Fax:(504)-834-1532

St. Agnes Boys Scouts Troop 36

STEPHEN LEGER, directs the Boy Scout program, which has the distinct honor of being the oldest scout troop
in Jefferson Parish - having just celebrated their 71st anniversary. The focus of this parish organization
is to bring about an awareness of and to assist in the development of building good and responsible citizenship,
a strong healthy character aligned with our Catholic identity, and also to learn an appreciation for nature
by means of frequent supervised outdoors activities.

St. Agnes Boy Scouts

For more information about this ministry please call the school office 504-835-6486 or e-mail stagnes@archdiocese-no.org