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  Page Updated: May 13, 2022
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Biography of St Agnes

Agnes, our patron Saint, comes to us in differing traditions, but the essence of her spiritual strength is the same in all accounts: complete trust in God, fidelity in time
of stress, virtue despite opposing social customs-a saintly life of purity and a martyr's death in faith.
Butler's Lives of the Saints presents us with a moving
account, paraphrased as follows;
Saint Agnes was a beautiful young girl of 13 years
when she suffered martyrdom for the love of Jesus Christ.
She lived in Rome about the year 304 A.D. Her riches
and beauty excited the young noblemen of Rome, but she
rejected them because of her vow of virginity to Jesus.
Her suitors accused her of being a Christian at a time
when all followers of Christ were being persecuted.
Agnes was threatened with torture and ordered to
pay homage to false gods. She steadfastly refused and
was at first condemned to death by fire. Her faith remained-
constant and she would not yield to her tormentors. Agnes was ordered to be
beheaded and died under the executioner's
Saint Agnes is one of the greatest of Christian saints.
She is a special patroness of bodily purity. Her feast day
is celebrated January 21st.
From Butler: "In art St. Agnes is commonly represented
with a lamb and a palm, the lamb no doubt, being originally
suggested by the resemblance of the word 'agnus' (a lamb)
to the name Agnes."