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  Page Updated: February 27, 2021
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Young Adult Ministry

Why Doesn't My Parish Have Something for Young Adults?

The answer to this question is really quite simple. There's nothing for young adults at your church because you haven't started it yet. Young adult ministry is a peer ministry, by young adults, for young adults. Gone are the days of high school and college when there was someone appointed to shepherd you through life in the church.
If you would like to see something for young adults happening at your church, odds are that you're not alone. Talk with other young adults, talk with the pastor, speak to the parish council, see what interest and support is out there for a new ministry for young adults. If this is something you would like to develop, RACHEL LONGEST, Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry, is available to work with you. There are also many resources available about young adult ministry--many of these resources can be borrowed from the Office of Young Adult Ministry.

For more information about this ministry please call the rectory 504-833-4118 or e-mail parish@stagnesjefferson.org