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  Site Last Updated: April 30, 2018
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St. Agnes Parish Council

St. Agnes Parish Council, led by President, JANIS LAMBERTis an organization made up dedicated
men and women parishioners who head the various ministries and organizations of the parish.
The primary function of the Council is to provide assistance to the pastor in matters concerning the
St. Agnes community as a whole. It is through sharing of ideas, engaging in cooperative and collaborative
endeavors and maintaining good lines of communication among all parties that the physical
and spiritual needs of our parish community are met and served, always within
the context of our Christ-centered identity.

Parish Council Members

Left-Right Bottom first
Corinne Hebert, Kay Leger, Margarita Torres, Ann Stoltz, Lucy Morgan, Cindy Lemoine
Deacon Piero Caserta, Jan Champagne, Kelly Wilbert, Amy LeBoeuf, Norma-Jean Medina, Steve Morgan, Fr. Bac Hai, Janis Lambert.


The next Parish Council Meeting will be Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 6:30pm in the Rectory Office.
Meetings are open to all parishioners to attend. If you would like to add something to the agenda,
please contact the Rectory Office 833-3366.
Get Involved! We welcome your ideas and participation.


St. Agnes recently held their first Parish Council meeting of the new fiscal year. We welcome our new officers, and we thank our outgoing officers for doing such a fine job.

Our 2017-18 Parish Council Officers are:

President - Janis Lambert
Vice President -
Jan Champagne
Secretary -
Cindy Lemoine
Finance & Operations:
Kay Leger
Public Relations:
Richard Kimball, Jr
Corinne Hebert
MAL Seat 1:
Luci Morgan
MAL Seat 2:
Margarita Torres
MAL Seat 3 -
Lucy Pittman
MAL Seat 4:
Brenda Portinari
Dana Doucet
Rel. Ed. & Formation:
Kelly Wilbert
Parish Life:
Norma Jean Medina


For more information about this ministry please call the rectory 504-833-4118 or e-mail stagneschurch@nocoxmail.com