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Pastor's Corner - Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Greetings and blessings from God!

How was your week? I am so sorry that I did not have a Pastor comment last week due to the many activities going on in our parish. First, we had 9 couples who celebrated their anniversaries, and also we had installation of Parish Council officers. Sometimes things happen and there is not enough space for me to write anything, so here we go again. For those who are big fans of the Saints, sorry to see that our beloved team lost their first game of the season to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But thankfully they won last weekend, barely—21-18. Well hopefully from now on we will start winning so that we can go get another trophy in memory of our beloved Mr. Tom Benson, a living legend of New Orleans. Let’s pray, pray and pray for this to happen, what a way to honor him.

Congratulations to the new Parish Council of St. Agnes. This year we welcome our President, Ms. Jan Champagne, and Vice President, Mr. Richard Kimball, Jr. and our Secretary, Mrs. Cindy Lemoine who was willing to stay on for another two years. Of course we welcome a few new members who joined the Council, Mr. & Mrs. Orville and Jane Duggan, Mr. Fred Kirchgraber, Ms. Kathy McCann, and Ms. Susan Anthony. All of these people are long-time parishioners of St. Agnes and I thank you for committing to serve in this ministry. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the Parish Council who have given their time, talent and service to this ministry. As you may know this job is completely volunteer and no one gets paid for it. So on behalf of the whole parish, we appreciate your love and dedication to St. Agnes very much. And yes, St. Agnes becomes alive and active due to people like you. I would like to invite those who are still hesitant to get involved in parish ministries for whatever reason. Please consider joining us. You can be a Lector, an Extraordinary Minister, Usher, a Men’s Club Member, an Altar Society Member, an Altar Server, a Choir member or you can help with parish technology. We have many other ministries that needs people like you to get involved. AS A PASTOR, I CAN COME AND GO ANY DAY, AND I AM STILL A PRIEST, BUT ST. AGNES IS YOUR PARISH. IT STAYS WITH YOU AND DEPENDS ON YOU AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY BOTH FINANCIALLY AND SPIRITUALLY TO KEEP IT ALIVE! ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS!

Last Sunday was Catechist Sunday and at 11:00am Mass we commissioned the CCD teachers. Even though CCD classes began three weeks ago, the commission took place last Sunday. Thank you to those who volunteered to serve in this ministry: Jonah Basinger, Fran Becnel, Cody Boyle, Taylor D’Arensbourg, Zach Gonsoulin, Julia Kelly, Olivia Martin, Ashton Medina, Norma Jean Medina, Seth Matthews, Mary Murrell, Kristy Reeser, Zach Stogner, Donna Stutson, Zoe Thomas, Josh Trochez, Shelley Tuckler, and Kelly Wilbert.

As I dictate this Pastor comment, Hurricane Florence arrived in North Carolina and along the shores of Virginia. In watching all of the news coverage there seems to be a lot of serious flooding still going on. So far 32 people have lost their lives due to this hurricane. One of the saddest losses was a mother and her infant who died because a tree fell on their home. They could not rescue them. The most touching moment is when all of the first responders knelt down to pray as they continued to perform their rescue mission. Very much like Katrina, now is the time for them to clean up and rebuild again. It will take a long, long time. Let us pray for every one of them. Just a few weeks ago we had Tropical Storm Gordon who hit our neighbors on the Gulf Coast, and thank God nothing serious really happened. We still have a few more playing outside in the Atlantic Ocean right now, Isaac and Joyce. Let’s pray for the best so that no one gets hurt. Material things can be replaced, but not human life. Our Lady of Prompt Succor pray for us!

More good news, beginning in October our parish will also welcome back Archbishop Favalora for his Fall visit. You will see him say Mass for us on the weekday and weekends also. So if you are a new parishioner and do not know him, please come and say hello and introduce yourself, he would love to meet you. You will not believe it, but Archbishop is a hometown parishioner of St. Agnes and I believe that this year he will be with us for Thanksgiving Mass. It would mark his 31st year doing it. As a Pastor and also former student of Archbishop Favalora, I am so excited for him to be home again. The other good news is we found a new tenant for our house on Claiborne Court. They are still working on the contract and the family will move into the house in November. Welcome!

Well, that’s enough for this weekend. Let’s pray for the cooler Fall weather that will be coming soon. If you watch the trees and plants around your house, you can see that many of them are beginning to change colors. My Chinese apple tree is almost naked and Fall hasn’t come yet. I enjoyed the fruit. The good news is none of the staff in the rectory knows about the Chinese apple and how good it is, otherwise I would not have been able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. It may sound a little selfish to you, but the less they know about how good it is, the better. Human instinct. Have a good week, and in the meantime let’s pray for a safe remainder of the hurricane season. Be healthy, be happy, be cheerful, be nice, and be kind to one another. God Bless!

Fr. Bac-Hai