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Pastor's Corner - Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Greetings and blessings from God!

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope everybody got a little love from your loved ones. Well, things are getting back into the normal routine in our parish.

Congratulations to the St. Agnes Men's Club for their fundraiser during the Super Bowl. Their next big fundraiser will be the Lenten Fish Frys. So please mark your calendars ahead of time, the dates are Fridays, March 10th, March 24th and April 7th. Remember on the last fish fry date (April 7) we also have a Bingo. The cost for the dinners is $10.00. With the Men's Club's experience in doing these fish fries over the last few years, all of the men who cook have become real professional chefs and know what they're doing. I guarantee that you will not have to wait in a long line anymore, you will have a good time, and things will go very smoothly. "Pray to God!"

I have received information from the Office of Permanent Diaconate that the Archdiocese will begin a new class training Men studying to become permanent deacons in the Fall of 2017. So any man in the parish who is interested in information on becoming a deacon, please call me or call the Office of the Permanent Diaconate at 861-6329.

Recently a lot of people have been asking me questions about the Oriental philosophy regarding Feng Shui. What does that Mean? And how does it affect human life? I don't know too much about Feng Shui honestly, but this much I can tell you, according to the ancient Chinese philosophical system determination the harmony of human life. Feng means "air flow." Shui means "water." We Orientals believe that these factors had a great impact on human life wherever you are. Good Feng Shui makes people happy, or vice verse bad Feng Shui creates the opposite effect. Feng Shui studies the surrounding direction and environmental improvements that need to maximize benefits and minimize the misshapes for humans. Very simple it is saying that "to live is to follow heaven and earth." And to be against it means "perdition." So Feng Shui helps people to live a better life in harmony with nature. Human is considered as a part of nature, we have to go with the flow, we cannot go against it.

As you may know, today science has proved that pollution is not good for humans. Scientists have proved that our living environment has a lot of influence on our life. Water, air, electricity, earth, one way or the other affects the human life. That is what Feng Shui is about. The most common thing about Feng Shui that people are always asking me is, "How can Feng Shui affect sleeping?" I don't know how true it is but I had a friend of mine who knows a little about Feng Shui who said that there are three things that we have to do:

  1. Start by removing all equipment such as TV, computer and fitness equipment from the bedroom. This will help bring in Feng Shui energy and remove the phobia hindering your sleep." Well this is tough for America because how can you sleep without a TV in the bedroom, not counting the cell phone and laptops!
  2. Regularly open windows or use air purifiers to make sure the air is fresh and full of oxygen. Yes it is impossible to stay healthy by continuously inhaling polluted air. So, a room where the air flows is good for Feng Shui.
  3. Keep all of the doors closed at night. This will help maintain the best resources of energy and nutrition for health enhancement as well as the relationship.

So that is as much as I can tell you. Let's try it and see how it can improve your sleeping habits. Well, this is only good for those who are healthy. If you have a disease of sickness I am so sorry, it will not work for you, you need a little sleeping aid, like cough medicine or Snooze syrup, etc. I almost forgot to tell you some very important information about Feng Shui and sleeping, and that is "where you put your bed." Make sure that the head of your bed points to the south side. The best way to find out about it is to use a compass, and wherever the needle points in the southern direction, that's the way you are supposed to put the head of your bed. According to Chinese medicine you must avoid sleeping with your head pointing to the north. The north is Yang, a water element associated with cold. So if your head is lying to the north it will damage the water in your body. Remember three-quarters of your body is made up of water. Well, that's enough about Feng Shui, I went too far with this Oriental culture and tradition.

Now back to the Gospel. The Gospel this past weekend was quite a challenge for all of us because when God mentioned to "Love your enemies" this is the most difficult task for every Christian. To love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. Isn't it true, we sometimes find it much easier to do the physical tasks in the name of God than to respond in humility to someone who offends us. Yes, it is easier to take care of the church flowers and gardens than to forgive your son or daughter who hurt you. It is less challenging to work at a soup kitchen than it is to love the co-worker who does not do their share of work with you. Or the neighbor whom you cannot stand. Right in my family I have a aunt, God forbid, she did wrong to my grand mom many times, but she never never admitted her mistakes and was never humble enough to apologize. But instead she would take my grand mom and go shopping. Or maybe sometimes even me myself, I was unkind to my friends, and instead of apologizing, I would treat them for lunch or supper to make up for it. That is so much easier, and I do believe that they would they do the same to me too. What goes around comes around. In conclusion as you can see, following God is a challenge, but we have to accept this challenge if we want to be in his kingdom. And yes, if we cannot love our enemies yet, at least we can be kind or try to be kind to them.

That's all for this week. Be healthy, be happy, be cheerful, and be kind to one another and remember that God is watching you. God Bless.

Fr. Bac-Hai