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  Page Updated: January 14, 2022
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Pastor's Corner - Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Greeting you with love and blessings from God.

Finally, everything is getting back to “normal” under the guidance of the CDC for the pandemic. Christmas and New Years are over! So far, we have lived through 16, days of 2022. During these last two weeks of the new year, man, let me tell you, the weather is really unpredictable everywhere! Could you believe that they said it never rains in Southern California?! Oh Manchu Pichu! Two weeks ago it rained in California for 5 straight days. And my cousin told me there is snow on the top of the mountains surrounding Corona County in Orange County, California, the capital of the Vietnamese people. The temperature went down to 32 degrees and the wind has been so strong. All of the landscaping, flowers, and fruit trees were frozen and damaged. And guess what? Some houses have no heat! Oh boy! They complained, they complained, they complained, and my ears were burning. It sounded so familiar to me, just like we people in New Orleans. The difference is, in New Orleans we hear complaints everyday. Even in our nation’s capital, the snow kept falling, and guess what, there was an accident, car hitting car, trucks hitting trucks, on Highway 95 and the traffic came to a standstill for over 30 hours before it was cleared.

By this time we know who won the Sugar Bowl, Baylor beat Ole Miss 21-7. Well, the Saints beat Atlanta, but the 49ers won, so our hopes and dreams to get into the playoff and Superbowl are completely over for this year. But as we always say, “Bless you boys! Wait until next year.” Hopefully by next year the Saints will be more organized than what we have now. Talking about football this year, it was total chaos, from the Saints to LSU, we don’t know how they survived the year and kept winning games to get them even close to the playoffs. Even me, the inexperienced fan of football, I learned through the grapevine that the Saints broke a record for the most starters in one season. Man, you didn’t know who was playing when you saw them on the field. And at LSU, some players were not allowed to play because of their grades, they fired Coach “O” and replaced him with a Coach from Notre Dame, Brian Kelly, and for the Texas Bowl game they had another coach cover the game. So, from now on hopefully things will be back to normal with new Coach Kelly.

Unless you are living on the moon, you have to know what has been going on in the last few weeks. The entire nation once again had Power Ball lottery fever. Everywhere you went there was talk about one of the biggest Power Ball amounts at almost a half billion dollars. I hope by the time you read this Pastor Comment that not only one person wins, but at least a dozen people. To me it would make more than one person happy. That’s reasonable. Please pray that one of us in St. Agnes will be the happy one to win. Just remember that if you are the lucky one, don’t forget St. Agnes where your heart belongs. The Bible says “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” Matthew 6:21. … Well, on Thursday morning, January 6th as I continue to dictate my pastor comment, I learned that two people won and split the $635 million dollars, one in California and one in Wisconsin. I haven’t heard from my cousin in California yet, but hopefully either one of my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or long-lost cousins would be the lucky one. But to tell you the truth, even if they won, they would not let me know. They are stingy. Just remember, if you want to be a winner, don’t forget to buy a ticket. Even one ticket, otherwise you don’t have a chance to win, but hey, keep tryng. The journey of life is a bunch of risks that we have to accept. Unless you are willing to take it, you will never win anything.

The Finance Council will meet on Tuesday, January 25th. We have a few things to discuss with regards to various projects around the parish, such as trying to find out when the roof of the church, the windows of the school building and the leak from the rectory will be repaired and/or replaced. Right now we are just waiting to find out what roofing company will win the bid for the job from the Archdiocese. So please be patient as I am. Hopefully this year we can accomplish all of these things. I just want to remind you that the feast day of our patron St. Agnes is on Friday, January 21st. Although it is not a holy day of obligation, if you can, try to attend Mass and celebrate the feast day of our parish patron.

Prayer to Saint Agnes

St. Agnes, although you were only a child, you believed that Jesus was always with you;
help us to remember that he is also with us, and to remain true to his presence.
St. Agnes, you refused to give up your faith; help us to be proud of our faith, to love it, to be strong in it,
and to give witness to it daily. St. Agnes, patron saint of children, watch over the children of the world;
keep them safe from harm; be with them in their hour of need; and always pray for them. Amen

Once again, just a friendly reminder that the Men’s Club is having a breakfast next Sunday, from 8:00am to 1:00pm in the Activity Center. The cost is only $7.00 per person. Bring your family and friends and have breakfast with your St. Agnes family. This is only one of the few fundraisers that the Men’s Club has to support their ministry at St. Agnes. Bravo to all the men. Finally, we have a few empty spaces on the back of our bulletins for ads. If you are opening any new business, or have a business that you would like to advertise, please do so on our church bulletin. This is one of the many ways to support our parish so that we do not have to pay for the bulletin. Thanks so much for your consideration. Well, that’s enough for this week. Until next week, be healthy, be happy, be lucky, be cheerful, be kind to one another, and if, IF, you hit the lottery, you can let me know any day, any time, even 2:00 o’clock in the morning, we can talk about our plans on how to handle the money wisely in God’s way. So, “always remember that money is the root of all evil,” if we allow evil to interfere. Be willing to share with those who are less fortunate than we. Trust me, your life will be happier in receiving as well as giving. God Bless.

Fr. Bac-Hai,