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Pastor's Corner - Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Fr. Bac-Hai Viet Tran

Greetings and blessings from God!

How was your week? Hopefully you had a good week, regardless of this steamy, rainy, sizzling hot, hot, hot summer we are having. Well, I don’t have much to report this weekend as I am out of town for a few days. So I will leave you with a little story that I found to brighten your day and give you a little laughter with a good lesson behind it. What irony!! Happy summer!

The Bird, The Cow and The Cat

It was the coldest winter the country had seen for years, snow lay thick on the ground, high winds and blizzards blew, with the temperature dropping by the hour. Seeking warmth and shelter, the little bird flew into the barn and perched on a high beam. It soon, in the warm atmosphere, became drowsy to such an extent, it lost its grip on the beam and fell to the cobbled floor of the barn. Knocking itself unconscious in the process. Seeing this, one of the cows, stabled in the barn, wandered over to examine the inert body of the bird lying on the floor. Finding nothing of interest, it turned round, dumped on the bird and wandered back to join the other cows. The heat and warmth now surrounding the bird revived it, to the extent that realizing its predicament. It forced its head above the surface and began to tweet, for help. The farm cat, asleep on a bale of hay, awoken by the bird's cries, padded over to investigate the source of the tweeting. 'Help me, help me,' tweeted the bird.' 'No problem,' replied the cat, whereupon it scooped the bird out of the mire with its paw. 'Oh, thank you, thank you,' tweeted the bird. 'My pleasure,' replied the cat and promptly ate the bird!

The moral of this story being, not everyone who dumps on you, is your enemy and not everyone who drags you out of the mire, is your friend. The lesson, in recovery being that you shouldn't interfere with another’s recovery, nor should you interfere with your own. The consequences of which could be dire, even more so if you do both at the same time. Which in turn suggest that it might be a good idea, to engage your brain before you express your thoughts, however you may do so.


Here is another story that was given to me by Fr. Stephen Duffy after I was ordained. Unfortunately Fr. Duffy died a while ago, but his spirit will live with me forever, especially whenever I see this story.

A Lesson in Living!

An old man, a boy and a donkey were going to town. The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked. As they went along they passed some people who remarked “What a shame the old man is walking and the boy is riding.” The man and the boy thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions. So they decided they’d both walk! Later they passed some people who remarked, “What a shame...he makes that little boy walk!” Soon they passed some more people who remarked “They’re really stupid to walk when they have a donkey to ride.” So, they both rode the donkey. Now they passed some people who shamed them by saying “How awful to put such a load on a poor donkey.” The boy and man figured they were probably right, so they decide to carry the donkey. As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the animal and he fell into the river and drowned.

The moral of this story? If you try to please everyone, you might as well…”Kiss your (you know what) goodbye! So, don’t try to please everybody because you can’t and if you try, you will drop dead.

I hope you had a good laugh. Enjoy your week! Always remember you only get what you give out. So be kind to one another.

God Bless!

Fr. Bac-Hai