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St. Agnes Usher's Society

The members of this organization have been entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining an atmosphere
that is conducive to the reverential act of worship at all masses. Our ushers - both men and women -
meet and greet the congregation and assists them with seating accommodations. They are also called to pass
the collection baskets, guide communicants in an orderly procession, distribute pertinent literature and assist in emergencies. New members are welcome. The President is JIMMY SABRIO.



The St. Agnes Ushers Society will hold their third quarter meeting on Thursday, September 5th at 6:30 p.m. in the Marquette Activity Center. All Ushers and anyone (male or female) wanting to become an Usher are invited to attend. A meal will be served.

St. Agnes Usher Society

For more information about this ministry please call the rectory 504-833-4118 or e-mail stagneschurch@nocoxmail.com